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Dear students, parents and members,

There is no doubt that we are on a journey that will prove challenging in the coming days and weeks. As our daily lives are filled with change and disruption, I would like to use this opportunity to say that one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to the safety, security and well-being of our students

I am pleased to announce we have seamlessly shifted our academic scheduled to online classes, and our students’ education remains uninterrupted. In addition, our teams continue working together remotely, within the online space, and we are here to support all queries regarding our college and admissions as always. Our admissions process has also moved online, and applicants will have access to virtual campus tours and online interviews, and can continue applying to our college as normal.

Our college continues to work and carry out business as usually, just simply through a different medium.As we face these challenges, we should focus on seeing humanity coming closer while circumstances are forcing us apart.
This difficult period too, shall pass, as have many others before this.
During this time, too, we shall work together to keep each other safe and secure, as we have always done as a community, culture and country.
I look forward to overcoming this challenge in the coming future with you all.

Warm Regards,


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