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At IHMCS, we’ve gathered a team from a range of backgrounds, cultures, creeds and religions that is united by our passion for education. We use our diversity to ensure a multidimensional perspective on our philosophy, our education and the experience we offer our students. We’re proud to have built the Indian School of Hospitality together – and we’re always excited to bring new talent into the team.

We beleive in equal opportunities employer

At IHMCS, we care about talent. We are passionate about nurturing the next generation of talent for tomorrow’s industries, just as much as we’re dedicated to finding new and creative talent to contribute to our own team.
We strive to ensure equality is promoted in our workplace at all times. From our hiring processes to our internal operations, we’re dedicated to creating an environment that provides everybody with the same treatment, respect and opportunities.

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We want to empower women and inspire the next generation of role models

We’re dedicated to providing positive female role models to our students and ensuring gender equality within our institution. Whether it’s connecting our students with female influencers within the industry, or even the female strength on our own team, we want to show female students healthy gender representation across every vertical of our institute.

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To find about the all open position kindly send your CV at career@ihmcsdelhi.org and our human resource team will be happy to contact you.
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