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From the Director’s Desk
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Ranjeet Chaudhary - Managing Director's Desk
Ranjeet Chaudhary – Managing Director

IHMCS Director’s Desk – The Best College of Hotel / Hospitality and Tour & Travel Management in India having the Best Industry Expert Team. The Team have the rich hospitality and Management Industry Experience.

The Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Science (IHMCS Delhi) is a leading institute to guide you excel in research, innovativeness and entrepreneurship.

We provide an inspirational learning environment to nurture our students for leading in the professional world.
IHMCS Delhi is committed to establish new benchmarks of excellence in futuristic hospitality education.

IHMCS Delhi is a home to the best-in-class professionals , hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who are groomed and prepared in accord with latest trends in the sector by highly specialized learning facilitators through state- of-the-art facilities.

Superbly equipped with a high quality international standard pedagogically trained staff, IHMCS Delhi distinctively blends the theoretical and practical elements of education with real life experience.

We deliver quality education and constructively engage our student to enhance awareness and skills to achieve higher levels of success.

The four pillars of IHMCS Delhi are: Quality Education and Training, Guaranteed Internship, Personal Development and Inland as well as International career Placement.

Each aspects plays a key role in our mission to provide the growing global hospitality and service management industry with quality employees and employers who are eager to demonstrate their management potential.
Quality Academic Education, as the first pillar, gives students all the academic and theoretical knowledge. Guaranteed Internship, as the second pillar, allows students to apply the knowledge into practice on the job. Personal and Professional Development, the third and most important pillar, provides students with soft and social skills with required discipline that motivates the students. The successful outcome of all these three pillars brings in the fourth pillar i.e. successful career Placement.

IHMCS Delhi – Best hotel Management College in Delhi

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